The Family Nanny method...

The Family Nanny will make every effort to find the right person for your family. Our services are designed to take the hassle out of finding the perfect nanny to support your family. We only charge a fee when we are successful in finding the right Family Nanny.

  • Once you have expressed interest, members of our staff will meet with you to identify your childcare needs.
  • We will propose at least two of our candidate nannies that best meet your requirements.
  • Our candidate nannies are all thoroughly screened, professionals who have a nurturing disposition and true passion for childcare.
  • We then set-up in-person interviews so you can get to know the candidate nannies better.
  • Once you find a match, you and your nanny of choice will sign a (written) contract that outlines the agreed terms of service (working hours, salary, etc.).

With any questions you have along the way, you can count on our team to help you out. If a problem does arise with a childcarer within he first eight weeks, we will seek to replace her free of charge.

Our team carries out the following checks:

  • ID, passport check
  • Criminal record check
  • Qualification check
  • CV and employment history review
  • First aid check

Some things to consider and discuss with your nanny:

  • Responsibilities: What are the nanny’s child care responsibilities in addition to caring for the kids? Will she handle any cooking, cleaning, laundry, pet care or transportation needs? Make a this and be sure to note all daily duties, as well as any recurring but less frequent obligations and emergency plans (like what to do on snow days or when a child is ill).
  • Nanny privileges: When can she use her cell phone, the house phone and any house computers/Internet? Can she invite guests over?
  • Meals: Should your nanny bring her lunch from home or will you provide her with meals and snacks? What if you come home past dinnertime?
  • Work hours and schedule: Will she work full or part-time hours, on weekends or weekdays? What will her hours be? When can she take breaks during the workday? What happens if you have to come home late? Vacations?
  • Activities: What types of activities can the nanny do with your child? What is not allowed? What memberships does the family have? What will you pay for? Will you give her a weekly activity allowance or reimburse her at the end of the week?
  • Communication: How and when would you like the nanny to communicate with you during the day?